Meet Us

Meet the AMS Carriers team. We are dedicated to providing a quality freight service in California and surrounding states. We provide expert logistics services for all types of shipments. Our team consists of diverse, driven individuals looking to provide freight transportation solutions for our valued customers. Located in the heart of Orange County, we are the go-to when it comes to freight transportation.

Cristian Perez - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cristian is the founder and leader of AMS. He was inspired to start AMS after experiencing the effects of the transportation shortage that transpired from the COVID-19 pandemic. Cristian began his journey in the trucking and logistics industry as a driver delivering appliances for a large tech company. Soon after, he acquired his own truck and the rest is history. Cristian is happy to be leading AMS into new territory and is looking forward to what 2024 has in store for us. 

Betty Perez

Beatriz Perez - Freight Agent

Beatriz is excellent at managing relations with our customers as well as with our partner carriers. She began her journey with AMS new to the trucking and logistics industry but quickly proved to be invaluable to the team. Beatriz has an eye for providing the best possible shipping solutions to our customers. In her free time she enjoys reading and solving puzzles. Beatriz is excited to be a part of the AMS journey and is going to go into 2024 with a new mindset!

Samuel Gonzalez - Executive Account Manager

Samuel is our leader in the sales department, he is an expert in customer relations and for all things logistics. Samuel goes by "Sam" and is a team player in AMS operations, he is always surpassing his goals. Sam is not afraid to make new connections nor to go the extra mile for AMS loyalists.  In his free time Samuel enjoys going to the gym and listening to music. Samuel has been with AMS since the beginning and is ecstatic to what 2024 has to offer for him and AMS Carriers.

Candy Gonzalez - Fleet Manager

Candy is the heart and soul of AMS. She is dedicated to making sure our trucks are always moving and making sure there is no miscommunication between, ourselves, customers or drivers. Candy makes sure the office has a fun atmosphere and loves playing music to keep our spirits up. She is excellent at multitasking and keeping her desk tidy! On her free time, Candy loves to spend time with her family and trying new recipes for her exceptional baking and cooking skills. 

Marlen Castaneda - Billing Operations

Marlen is a team player and loves to take on additional roles to develop her skills in different positions. Marlen is kind and loves coffee. She is in charge of all things billing/accounting. Marlen enjoys staying organized and providing her insight into company operations. In her free time, Marlen likes to learn and be with her family. She likes to travel and work on her mind, spirit and soul. For 2024, Marlen is looking forward to transitioning into a new role and becoming a part of the AMS sales team!

Christian Ramirez - Dispatcher

Christian loves using technology to work smarter not harder. Christian began his journey in the trucking/logistics industry as a fleet dispatcher working on new solutions to improving the AMS Carriers experience for our valued customers. In his free time, Christian likes to read and keep his mind sharp with word games. Christian is excited for what 2024 has in store for him and AMS Carriers!